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Brand Strategy

The Populus project kicked off with a strategy session that started in the afternoon and went well into the night. With walls full of paper and notes, we explored the vision, purpose, and target audience of what would become the Populus brand. We discovered the desire to build a vibrant, organic, and local work product that was highly flexible. We found that Populus would exist to be a catalyst for exceptional work. Ultimately, the vision is to build the future or work in Omaha.

Brand Identity

The brand identity for Populus needed to match the vibrant, energetic, and professional feel of the strategy. It needed to communicate the coming together of multiple companies and organizations. The logo itself reflects the idea of a town center or plaza. Often these town centers have fountains in the middle. Drawing on this inspiration, we created developed a logo mark with flowing lines that all come together at a single point of origin.

Marketing and Social Media

Great brands are consistent brands. Method Mark helped Populus develop a marketing and pre-launch strategy. We have all of the content development and strategy for the Populus social accounts like Instagram.

The results? Populus raised over $1.1 million of investment capital and venture debt. With less than $5,000 in ad spend and without completed renovations, pre-leasing was strong and kept the space on target and under budget.

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