Strategy: Micah Yost Date: 09.21.2018

One of the fastest growing private universities uses Method Mark

We believe that a well-executed brand and marketing strategy drives real, bottom line, business results. Previously, we’ve written about our fundraising results. Using pitches designed by Method Mark, our clients have now closed over $22 million in funding since January of 2017. Here is one more example of those results, driven by the Method Mark team

Midland University has recently been named one of the top ten fastest growing private universities in the country. From March of 2016 to March of 2018, Method Mark was hired by Midland to launch an innovative new program: the Midland University Code Academy. This program increased enrollment and revenue from the first day it launched. Just this year Midland announced the highest student enrollment in its 125-year history. Most importantly, this new program impacted real lives with quality education and opened up fresh opportunities for student success. The Code Academy was one of just a few programs recognized last year by the US Department of Education as an innovative approach to learning.

“At Midland University, we aspire to lead with purpose and provide pioneering programs that deliver dynamic and relevant learning experiences for our students. Our Code Academy is a perfect example of those values coming together,” said Midland University President Jody Horner. “Midland University’s Code Academy will produce career-ready graduates with real-world experience that will benefit businesses throughout Omaha and the broader Silicon Prairie region.”

For Method Mark to have success building and marketing this program, we needed to partner with a genuinely innovative higher education institution. As a 9-month long program, the Code Academy is a unique concept. It’s not focused on degree-seeking students. When we pitched it to Midland’s Vice President Raymond Sass, we knew Midland would be the right place. As an innovative and forward-thinking college, Midland understood the value of providing real-world education opportunities in information technology.

How did we do it? We worked hard to use strategic brand and marketing to create real business value at the bottom line. We used traditional media like TV and print, as well as digital media like viral blog posts and social media promotions. You can read all the details in our case study. Our team provided strategy, competitive research, photography, video, web, illustration, animation, marketing, PR, copywriting, communication, print, and promotional giveaways. We believe that brand and marketing translate directly to the bottom line. Business owners don’t buy pretty pictures; they buy results. With the Code Academy, we were able to deliver nationally recognized results for our client.

The Code Academy, now up and running, has been turned over to the university and its talented instructors. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see the continued success of Midland and its students.