Case Study: Date: 05.21.2018

Christian Heritage

Our Services: creative strategy, pre-interviews, scripting, video shoot and editing

Christian Heritage provides services to foster children, incarcerated parents, and at-risk families in Omaha, NE. In 2017, they approached Method Mark to tell a story of hope through a video that would be viewed by over 2,500 people at their Christmas event. The challenge: Method Mark had only a few weeks to pre-interview, select the location, shoot, and edit the final piece. From brainstorming to delivery, Method Mark delivered our final piece in just under four weeks.

Christian Heritage spokesperson, Dave Wilson, said “I really appreciate all of the work Method Mark put in to create the video with Honesty. It was amazing!”

Our partnership with Christian Heritage helped tell a meaningful and impactful story and inspired thousands. Our goal was to make foster care more approachable for the audience and help them understand the many ways they might get involved. Christian Heritage continues to use the piece at events, gaining further value from a well-told story.