Case Study: , Date: 05.21.2018

CBC Realty

Our Services: brand strategy, messaging strategy, web design, copywriting, pitch decks, illustration, promotional giveaways

CBC Realty Investments, located in Boston, MA, initially sought Method Mark for help with their overall fundraising strategy. CBC is an investment fund that assist builders in purchasing homes to flip. The company set out to raise additional capital to grow their lending business. Method Mark began work with CBC by providing our 2-Day Brand Strategy Workshop. This workshop leads clients through a proprietary process to uncover the foundation of their brand. The resulting document acts as a central point of origin for all further marketing and communication efforts.

After this workshop, Method Mark constructed a new messaging strategy that would communicate to their builders and investors alike. Their key messaging became “100% for Builders.” The founder of CBC, Chris Cronin, started as a builder himself before launching the financing company. This phrase, 100% for builders, captured their desire to build a company that was all about the customer. It also communicates their key product, 100% financing for builders.

After finalizing a messaging strategy, Method Mark began building pitch pieces for CBC including a debt and equity pitch deck as well as another blended pitch piece. This pieces helped CBC close millions of dollars in additional capital for their fund. Creating these pitch decks required Method Mark to build a deep understanding of the CBC process and business model. We translated multiple excel charts and data sets into custom graphics and visuals.

This work led Method Mark to develop a digital strategy that included a new website for CBC. The new website was designed and developed to better communicate CBC’s services and provide useful tools for their builders. This resulted in consistent web traffic month-over-month and new investments.

The website would feature new copy, creative content, and include the development of an online Quick Flip tool that could be fully accessed online (formerly in a spreadsheet).

Our development of the Quick Flip tool resulted in 1,100 visitors and numerous new project leads. It also helped CBC increase their SEO results by ranking in the top 3 Google search results for key terms related to lending and home builders after launch.

Method Mark has also designed various promotional giveaways for CBC and other collateral to engage the builder community. These marketing materials are focused on building brand loyalty with the existing CBC builders. A typical builder will complete 2-3 projects in a year, and Method Mark wanted to assure that our client as much repeat business as possible. To do this, we needed to assure the CBC brand was staying front and center with the local homebuilder community. Pens and stress balls wouldn’t work for home builders, so Method Mark thought through specific touch point we felt would resonate with the target audience.

Our strategy and partnership with CBC Realty Investments resulted in a stronger and more functional web presence, engaging messaging, and strategies used to better acquire and retain customers. CBC’s SEO significantly increase with the new website leading to more leads and attention. The new Quick Flip tool resulted in numerous new project opportunities as well.

“I’ve received all kinds of great feedback on the website!” – CBC Founder Chris Cronin