Method Mark Team

Micah Yost Founder and President

As founder and visionary, Micah leads Method Mark with dynamic focus. A speaker, author, educator, investor, and creative problem-solver, Micah’s words and ideas are hard at work in his community. His passion for teamwork and drive for excellence ensures Method Mark’s clients get the best, most effective solutions possible.

Anna Wastell VP of Strategy and Operations

A life-long writer and planner, Anna has crafted communications and developed marketing strategy for brands in hospitality, family entertainment, non-profit, and agriculture. She uses her wide-ranging experience and obsession with organization to drive Method Mark’s internal operations strategy and job traffic.

Scott McIntyre Lead Designer

A talented designer, teacher, and photographer, Scott has worked with large and small brands around the world. Scott's boundless creative energy and design acumen result in high-quality, custom, client-driven work. He is responsible for leading all design deliverables at Method Mark.

Bryce Bedinger Designer

Bryce uses design to communicate vision that motivates and inspires others to accomplish goals. He brings broad design experience to the table with work based in real estate, non-profit, construction, and our favorite, coffee.

Haley Collins Design Intern

Haley is an artist, photographer, and graphic designer. She loves traveling to national parks, watching anime, eating food, and hanging out with her dogs and bearded dragon.

Method Mark Values

Keep it Simple

Things will drift towards complexity; we have to fight for simplicity. We’d rather do a few things very well than a lot of things mediocre. At Method Mark, we value simplicity in all areas of our work because it allows us to focus and execute at a high level. Success is in the details, and complexity makes it too difficult to get deep and consistent on those details.

Failure is only a waste if we don’t grow

If we don’t fail from time to time, then we aren’t really putting ourselves out there and trying. We’ll try to limit our failures at Method Mark, but we acknowledge it’s part of the creative process. There’s always grace for that on our team if we learn and grow – which looks like not making the same mistakes over and over.

Never stop learning

We’re in the knowledge business, which means people are our greatest asset. We will grow as a company in direct proportion to our growth as a team. Thus, we must never stop learning. We should always be working to discover new things and learn new skills.

Health is the foundation for exceptional work

Healthy things grow. Healthy things are sustainable. At Method Mark, we place a high value on spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and relational health. There is nothing more valuable that a team member can offer than their health.

We exist for our clients, not other creatives

Method Mark does not create for the approval or interest of the “creative community,” but for the benefit of our clients. While we acknowledge the importance of collaboration and communication with other creatives, we will measure the success of our work on client outcomes.

Change will happen. Embrace it

The only thing constant is change. It’s inevitable, and we will embrace it as a company. We’ll always work hard to preserve our core identity and purpose, but our team will embrace change and understand that it’s part of growth.

On what’s critical, be unwavering. On everything else, be accommodating

There are few things that are truly critical to our success, but on these things we should be unwavering. For everything else we should be accommodating and flexible. This is true of our work together as a team and our work with clients.

Be generous

Method Mark is grateful for the clients who trust us and our committed team. We understand that relationships are a “bank” that we must place deposits in overtime before there is anything to withdraw. This is true of our customers, vendors, and our teammates. Method Mark will be generous with its resources because we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Curiosity is fuel for creativity

We ask questions and work hard to discover the answers independently. Curiosity drives our creativity and is ultimately what makes our work exceptional. Our team values discovery, learning, analysis and exploration. We want to understand why things work, not simply how they work. We love to learn new skills, subjects, and markets. We believe there is often great value for us in all kinds of disciplines, even those that don’t seem directly related.